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New wrapping machine

Fast and reliable. Specifically designed for the EPS industry.

In designing our first wrapping machine for EPS packs, we considered all the elements that define a professional machine: productivity, reliability and safety. And we set ourselves the objective of designing each of these elements in the best possible way.

The result is a fast and highly reliable wrapping machine having taken painstaking care to eliminate all the typical criticalities of these machines.

The care in design of the sealing unit guarantees optimal closure regardless of the type of film used. The use of brushless motors for all the movements allows best optimization of the working cycle in relation to the size of the product to be wrapped. The linear guide systems used reduce maintenance to a minimum. The use of pneumatic expansion reel rollers allows fast and safe film replacement.

The machine can be installed for standalone use or integrated in the cutting lines to automate the end-of-line packaging activities.

Media: video.