Performance of EPS cutting machines

The performance of the EPS cutting process is mainly affected by 3 factors:

– Setup flexibility.
– Effectiveness of the wire cooling systems.
– Alloy of the wires.

Setup flexibility.

Production efficiency is strongly linked to the flexibility of machine setup. A machine that can be quickly and automatically adapted to a broad range of variables can be the difference in new market scenarios. Moreover, being able to control all variables allows cutting with greater accuracy and with the best surface finish.

Unlike other machines, that can work only with a low fixed numbers of oscillations, our rugged oscillating stations allow choosing the proper number of oscillations according to the specific cutting process. More.

Our innovative cooling system allows linking the air flow to a specific recipe. Therefore the cooling system automatically sets the flow according to the characteristics of the block (density, material, aging…). More.

Our automatic wire positioning system is one of the most perfoming. The accuracy and speed of adjustment allows quickly switching between recipes.

The possibility of integrating machine software with other customer systems, such as ERP systems or databases, allows collecting, sharing and analysing data to improve the workflow.

Effectiveness of the wire cooling systems.

To increase the cutting speed, the wires must be heated as much as possible. But increasing temperature also means increasing electric resistance.

Our innovative system effectively cools down the outer part of the wire, allowing the wire temperature to increase significantly within the block. More.

Alloy of the wires.

The wires used by our machines are made of a special alloy with high resistance to traction. This allows heating the wires up to 30% more, with consequent increased cutting speed.