Assembling system with laser welding

Project goals:

Design and manufacture of ad-hoc automation for the industrialization of a new product including:

  • Semi-automatic assembling of stainless-steel products composed by three elements
  • In-line testing with automatic discard of non-compliant products

Find out how Tecnodinamica stepped into this project:

Main features

  • System controlled by no.1 dedicated operator
  • Manual component loading with possibility of automation
  • Poka-yoke solutions for the correct positioning of components
  • Rotary table with no.4 workstations
  • Laser welding unit with rotating head
  • Welding test station
  • Off-loading with pneumatic manipulator
  • Electrical control panel with touch screen
  • Real-time process controls
  • Traceability of the single processed product
  • Customized HMI interface
  • Remote assistance and process diagnostic
  • Industry 4.0 requirements and integration with enterprise management systems

Indicative overall dimensions

  • 2.200 x 2.300 mm (safety fences included)

Tecnodinamica activity

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Software design
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Wiring on board machine and electrical control panel
  • In-house start-up and test
  • Start-up and training at the production site