6 sides wrapping machines

Six sides wrapping machines are used for packing insulation boards made of different materials, such as EPS, XPS, PUR/PIR and rock wool. Bundles are wrapped with stretch film on all 6 sides, guaranteeing maximum protection for the wrapped material.

Main features

  • Perfect bundles sealing, thanks to the unique design of the welding bars.
  • Supervision and control fully integrated with Tecnodinamica’s processing machines.
  • Highly efficient, designed for mass productions.

Combo machines

The combo serie are machines for the packing on 6 sides, with two winding stages.  The first stage wraps the bundle pushing it against a stretched polyethylene film and then welding the film at the end of the bundle. The second one wrap the bundle in the other direction by a rotating unit holding the film roll.

These machines allow to wrap small and big size bundles, both on 4 or 6 sides, ensuring perfect stability of the wrapped product for every size. Furthermore, the missing of the shrinking tunnel drastically reduces the energy consumption compared with bag systems.

Model Bundles dimensions (Metric) Bundles dimensions (Imperial) RPM max
Width (mm) Lenght (mm) Heigth (mm) Width (in) Length (in) Heigth (in)
PK230 1.000÷1.200 500÷3.000 300÷600 39″÷48″ 19″÷118″ 12″÷24″ 100


  1. Rolls magazine.
  2. Retractable pusher.
  3. Industry 4.0.