Storage silo plants for EPS

Storage Silos are storehouses where expanded material is held for ageing, before subsequent production phases.

Main Features

  • Transpirant silo bags made of reinforced antistatic fabric which guarantees long term life and UV resistance.
  • Access to silos upper level by stairs and balconies designed according to the most recent safety rules.
  • Aging time control with notifications to be set-up.

Silos are fully or partially built in zinc-plated sheet or with galvanized pipe structure to which a transpirant polyester silo bag is fixed. The first type is usually installed outside the facility, while the second type can be installed both outdoor (after assembling a top cover and side plugging panels) or indoor.
Dimensions and volumes of the silos vary according to the output volume and layout requested by the customer.

System management is customized based on customer needs and performed by means of a complete supervision system and a user-friendly graphic interface.


  • Protective body in case of outdoor installation.
  • Pentane gas recovery system.
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control.
  • ATEX certification.
  • Automatic monitoring of pentane gas level.
  • Filtering of outgoing air.
  • Industry 4.0.