Gluing and metering systems

Our custom solutions for gluing and metering respond to different customer needs, such as the technological change from old manual or semi-automatic processes to automatic solutions, the improvement of existing technologies or the industrialization of new products for the market.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the extensive network of specialized partners, Tecnodinamica supports his customers in the analysis of materials, products and applications to guarantee a process always in line with the expected results.

The range of applications embraces turnkey custom solutions with robotic systems or integrations with the major world leading providers of gluing and metering technologies.

Our experiences include:

  • Multi-material applications including sheet metal, plastics, expanded materials and wood
  • Gasketing and metering of gluing materials
  • Single and bicomponent glues
  • Hot-melting and cold gluing
  • Surface treatments such as plasma treating and cleaning

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All the solutions shown have been designed based on customers’ requirements. They have illustrative and non-exhaustive purpose.