Packaging and palletizers

Our custom solutions for packaging and palletizing arise from the need to automate offloading and packaging activities whether they are in-line or standalone processes.

The added value is the possibility of complete personalization of the specific application, thanks to the availability of a technical team dedicated to the study and design of all the critical components, which include:

  • Product feeding systems
  • Handling and gripping systems
  • Packaging systems
  • Work cycles and operator interfaces
  • Input and output controls
  • Optimization algorithms for loads and transfers

Our experiences cover applications developed in multiple sectors, including household appliances, wood and furniture, construction, automotive and solutions in:

  • Robot palletisers
  • Portal palletisers
  • Multiple feeding systems (belts, roller conveyors, linear transfer, vibrators)
  • Automatic stacking units
  • Wrapping systems by stretch film

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All the solutions shown have been designed based on customers’ requirements. They have illustrative and non-exhaustive purpose.