Deduster machine for EPS

We are manufacturers of de-duster machines for EPS recycling, these machines allow to separate granulated material from dust after being processed by granulators.

Main features

  • Total dust removal by means of sleeve filters.
  • Thermal detector preventing fire ignition inside dust filters.

Granulated material is conveyed by a motorized bristle screw feeder through a suction filter cylinder which separates it from dust.

Dedusted beads are then poured again into a silo by means of a fan, while the dust is retrieved by a sleeve filter.

Model Machine dimensions (Metric) Machine dimensions (Imperial) Output (m³/h)
Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (in) Width (in) Heigth (in)
RE850 3.500 800 1.750 138″ 31.5″ 69″ 10÷40


  1. Dust filters.
  2. Dusts compactor.