From steam generation to packaging, we design and manufacture machines and turn-key plants for the production, processing and recycling of blocks in expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Common feature of our solutions is the high reliability and safety standards, result of over 40 years’ experience in the industry and an endless activity of research and continuous improvement.

For each production phase, Tecnodinamica offers a wide range of machines, each one designed to improve performances and ensure excellence and competitiveness in every branch / aspect of the EPS industry.

Select the production phase:

EPS Block Production Machines

Tecnodinamica machines for EPS block production are designed following one common thread: to provide solutions that are effective in terms of output and performance and at the same time guarantee minimum environmental impact.

This results in products such as beads and blocks with qualities and characteristics that facilitate the subsequent processing of EPS.

The category includes systems for steam generation, pre-expanders, storage silos, block moulds and block presses.

EPS Processing Machines

Dedicated to cutting, profiling and milling EPS and XPS, Tecnodinamica equipments process the material into specific shapes to meet the needs of different sectors.

The range includes contour cutters, slicing machines, cross cutters and milling machines, all of them have the most advanced integrated technologies in order to achieve precise and quality machining by optimizing cycle times.

In addition, the automated cutting lines of Tecnodinamica are customizable to adapt to specific customer requirements, by ensuring high production and the highest quality of the final product.

EPS packaging machines

Tecnodinamica EPS packaging machines are versatile and adapt to the specific needs of customers, performing high quality standards and maximum productivity.

The offer includes 4-side wrapping machines and 6-side wrapping machines, as well as complete packaging lines, all focused to ensure protection and preservation of EPS panels during the distribution chain.

EPS Recycling Machines

With a growing focus on sustainability, Tecnodinamica EPS recycling machines are playing an increasingly important role.

These systems are designed to transform waste of EPS into reusable material, significantly contributing to sustainable material management.

The company offers stand-alone solutions such as granulators, dedusters, mixers or embedded in the production process such as recycling plants.

Each category of machines reflects Tecnodinamica’s commitment in the research and development, aiming to offer their customers not only machines, but complete solutions tailored to their specific needs.